Manna Gum vineyard is owned by Geoff and Lisa Malkin.

They found Manna Gum whilst enjoying a few days on the Mornington Peninsula on Cup weekend in 2006. They fell in love with the gentle sloping land adjacent to Stony Creek, the amazing flora and fauna and the beautiful Manna Gum trees. The vineyard had been established in 2000 and the owner would only sell the property as long as the vineyard, which he had planted and toiled over for seven years, was maintained. Up for the challenge we honoured the promise and started our wine journey.

Polaroid images of winery

We adopted two themes from day one - firstly to strive for the highest quality, not quantity, that could be produced from the site, and secondly have fun along the way.

In April 2007 we had our first harvest and invited family and friends to pick. Harvest Day at Manna Gum has become a yearly event with live music and a long table lunch. Lisa and Geoff were wed at the vineyard as was Geoff’s daughter Sarah, so the vineyard has special significance to the family.

Thirteen years on and with plenty of expert help along the way, significant improvements have been made to our vineyard located in a unique micro climate on the Peninsula.

We are now proud to present our wines, not just to family and friends, but to lovers of cool climate Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.